Experiments for Better Teaching

For our international guests and fans we have translated some of our experiment guidelines  to english. Feel free to use these experiments in your courses. Printing for sale is prohibited.

01 Acid synthesis from nonmetals (H2SO3, H3PO3)
02 Acid synthesis from salts (HCl)
03 Air composition I does not work properly
04 Alcohols I: cerium test for the alcohol group
05 Alcohols II: properties of homologous alcohols
06 Alkohols III: isomeric butanols
07 Candle Materials
08 Carbon dioxide chemistry
09 DNHP-test on aldehydes and ketones
10 Modelling combustion reactions
11 Electrical conductivity
12 Corrosion
13 Electrochemical (secondary) cell with ZnBr does not work properly
14 Electrochemical (secondary) cell with Pb
15 Low cost gas generator
16 Determination of the melting point (stearic acid)
17 Properties of metals I: density and hardness
18 Properties of metals II: electrochemical oxidation and reduction
19 Oxidation
20 Synthesis from elements (ZnS, CuS)
21 Growing of crystals
22 Lactic acid I: detecting functional groups
23 Lactic acid II: properties
24 Air composition II
25 Low cost conductivity tester
n tested and approved